Our Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Benefit Partners is an Ontario based multi-disciplinary employee benefits, pension and human resources consulting firm. Our consultants work with over 300 public and private sector organizations ranging from 5 to 5,000 employees, with an additional several hundred individual clients. We assist in the design, implementation, and in some instances the administration of various types of employee benefit programs, pension programs and personal financial plans. We adopt a team approach to each client's mandate in order to ensure the maximum application of the required resources and the continuity of client service at all times. We are capable of providing service in both official languages.

Our firm's ability and desire to understand the external forces affecting each of our clients demonstrates our knowledge and respect for the client-consultant relationship. Indeed, our understanding of this relationship is embodied in the name of our firm. We view ourselves as being in a strategic partnership with all of our clients, working with them to reach their stated objectives.

We have been providing a variety of consulting services to large private and public sector organizations and individuals for over (20) years. Through our various client mandates, we have developed a sound understanding of the types of services that are required by our clients and have successfully developed programs that have satisfied all the challenges with which we have been presented. Our various client engagements have had Benefit Partners procure market tenders, undertake sophisticated technical analysis of proposals, assist clients with supplier selections, conduct stakeholder communication sessions, provide ongoing individual client consultative services and deliver financial reports to affected groups.